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Prizes for promotion via the Instagram page Culinary Inspiration


Photos + text + hashtags + all references provided by yourself: € 55 per photo.

Photos + text + hashtags in Instagram Stories with references to certain pages, self-supplied, per piece: € 55.

Movies (no longer than 59 seconds) + text + hashtags + all references to certain pages, self-supplied, per item: € 150.

Placement in my Instagram Stories € 25 extra


Details Instagram


Average range / display per month: 10,000,000 people.

Photos / Films must bear the name of the chef, restaurant name, description of the dishes (preferably in English) and the name of the photographer who took the photos.

All photo content must be of a professional nature, preferably made by a professional photographer. Photos taken with a mobile phone are assessed for quality before placement. For all photo content this does not apply if it does not meet the standard of Culinary Inspiration.

All content must be delivered by mail. Larger files can be delivered via WeTransfer.


Reverse charge applicable

You will receive the invoice by e-mail and have a payment term of 30 days.


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Photo Credit: Specialpixels
Jaimie van Heije, Instagram Friend of Culinary Inspiration.
Photo Credit: Specialpixels