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 The Biggest Culinary Platform on Social Media in the Netherlands.














Culinary Inspiration is THE authority in the Netherlands in the field of social media in gastronomy. The numbers already speak for themselves. For Les Patrons they are of great value because of their help. Our Instagram and Facebook accounts have grown so fast.

Theor Verplancke

FOUNDER Umami Management

Les Patrons Cuisiniers

Maurits van der Vooren

Pastry-Chef Dobla


As Sous-Chef of Restaurant Latour * I was looking for a way to show my work to the outside world. In Culinary Inspiration I found a partner to do this. Thanks to their publications on CI I can now do what I prefer to do, rent myself to various companies.

Maurice Fransen

Professioneel Food Photographer

As a professional food photographer I like to work together with the network of Culinary Inspiration. The range of the network is so large that it results in various assignments for me.

Jeroen Hoogsteder

Head  of Sales Manager

Nice To Meat

Culinary Inspiration helps / assists Nice to Meat with the continuation of placing high quality Instagram posts and guiding strategies that can be applied to instagram. The assessment of posts that have been posted will also be evaluated in order to learn the way for the Nice to Meat team.

Marco van Davenhorst

Chief editor

Food Reporter works closely with the international chefs platform Culinary Inspiration (CI). Ci is a social community where chefs can be inspired by chefs at home and abroad. a chef also takes over the platform every two weeks and gives them a glimpse into his or her chef's life.

Stefan van Sprang

Owner/Executive Chef

Restaurant Aan de Poel**

Wouter runs Culinary Inspiration and Dutch Cuisine the largest Dutch culinary pages in the field of social media. Through intensive contact with national and international chefs, he has a huge network at his disposal. Chefs like to work with him and can show their creations to the general public through his pages.

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Photo Credit: Helge Kirchberger photography.
Thomas Buhner Participated as a guest editor on my facebook page Culinary inspiration.
Photo Credit: Helge Kirchberger photography.
Photo Credit: Helge Kirchberger photography.